SWFL Eagles_ A Squirrel-y Breakfast & Starlings Entertain The E's 05-21-20

5/21/2020 9:09:18 PM

wskrsnwings - 7 week old E15 & E16 are entertained and curious about the starlings perching & singing on the nearby branches and flying in & out of the nest tree. Harriet's eagle eye sees a squirrel off the road and she brings it back to feed to the eager E's. Harriet perched in the OCT (old cam tree) before heading to the nest and the E's watched and vocalized for Mom to "hurry up". Thank you SWFEC, hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for providing & maintaining suitable trees & environment for this Bald Eagle Family. www.SWFLEagleCam.com Thank you to Dick Pritchett Real Estate (SWFEC), Church of the Nazarene, Eagle Landing & several friends for allowing me to film on their premises.