SWFL Eagles_ Flights & Fun In West Pasture Playground & Food Delivery To Nest 05-21-21

5/21/2021 9:38:51 PM

wskrsnwings - The west pasture sure seems to be the E's playground as they continue to master flights, break sticks from trees and execute landings, especially right next to each other. Both 'raced' over to the nest tree as Harriet approached it to perch a while above the nest. Both E's saw M15 approaching the nest with squirrel prey and flew out to meet him but he flew past them dropping it in the nest. E17 claimed the squirrel. E18 joined M at the pond (perhaps for a small fish delivery). When Harriet flew back to the nest tree, E18 dropped down and mantled the food E17 was eating so Mom would not grab the food. ?? The E's are 118 days old today. Thank you SWFEC, hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for providing & maintaining suitable trees & environment for this Bald Eagle Family. www.SWFLEagleCam.com Thank you to Dick Pritchett Real Estate (SWFEC), Church of the Nazarene, Eagle Landing & several friends for allowing me to film on their premises.