SWFL Eagles ~ Rumble At The Pond & Disagreement On The Front Pine! E18 Is Aggressive To E17! 5.22.21

5/23/2021 1:55:48 PM

Lady Hawk - For the most part, the E's get along well and do almost everything together - from flying around the pasture, hanging out on their favorite snag near the pond and lying on the nest side by side. Competition at meal times hones their survival skills and so does sparring as we see today down at the pond. E18 gets spooked by two horses while at the water's edge and flies off to the CSPS. Then a little while later we see E17 on the hubcap tree hanging out and watching the horses walk by and get a drink at the pond. E17 will fly back to the attic and E18 is seen again at the pond - doing a little bottom dipping! E17 flies to the pond and the E's have a bit of a rumble when E18 will run at E17 and wings start flying! It reminded me of last season's E15 & E16 for a moment! They both end up in the water and all is forgiven! As the day starts to come to a close, they both will fly to the front pines once again. It appeared like they were settled in for the night, E17 inches close to E18 and E18 did not like that and beaks at E17. Then E18 wingslaps and pushes E17 off the branch causing E17 to fly off and land on a branch below the nest. E17 is roosting there tonight while E18 remains on the front pine. Seems like E18 is getting a bit more aggressive lately with E17 - perhaps because no food was delivered today. Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles. Link to cam: https://dickpritchettrealestate.com