SWFL Eagles ~ Freebird~ Harriet & M15 BREATHTAKING Coverage!! Flying & Soaring Free! ????

2/12/2020 4:13:19 PM

Lady Hawk - I created a compilation of coverage of Harriet & M together as a united team set to the music from Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to see them soar the skies! Harriet and M start the day on the old cam tree - then fly together to the front pines. They will both take off majestically and soar together as a couple - sweeping the skies with their magnificent wings and flying off into the horizon. They are seen soaring for 4.5 minutes nonstop beginning at 4:42. What a special moment it was to see our eagle couple flying high and free! Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles. Watch live: https://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html