SWFL Eagles ~ A Juvie Attempts To Land In Nest Tree! ?? Harriet Vocal & M15 Escorts Out! 1.2.21

1/3/2021 6:04:03 PM

Lady Hawk - Harriet and M are ever watchful over their territory now that there are eggs to protect. A juvie flew towards the nest tree and attempted to land in the upper branches. Harriet is vocal and M15 escorts the juvie out of the pasture. We don't know if the juvie was a prior offspring of Harriet and M - but all visitors are unwelcome at this time and are given warning vocals to stay away from their territory. I love seeing these young eagles being able to survive there on their own! ? M returns to the pasture snag and stands watch afterwards. Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles. Link to cam: https://dickpritchettrealestate.com/