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Hello LorriH,

My observations of differences I use to tell H& M apart.

  • Harriet is more rounded upper body shape.
  • M is more V shaped.
  • Harriet’s white head feathers that meet the brown feathers on her neck, are more neat and tidy.  ** She also has a heart shape in her feathers there. (if your lucky to spot it).
  • M’s neck is a little more uneven.
  • M has more a curvy upper Beak (maxilla).
  • Harriet’s is pretty straight, no curves.
  • M at times, may look like he needs a bath.
  • Harriet always has to best hairdo. Clean a tidy.
  • M looks like he has eye liner on. (per: Suemac).

Hope that helps you figure out who is who.

Have a good day.