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    Hello SWFEC followers! Most days we will post a thread titled “OPEN DISCUSSION” on this forum. This thread is for viewers to share their thoughts, questions, scaps, and observations. Threads that begin with “SWFEC Season 11” are daily observations posted by members of the SWFEC group. In order to keep the new observations in order (in the replies) for that day please don’t reply to the posts in these threads. Instead, use the “OPEN DISCUSSION” thread for posting. Thank you for your help as we adjust to this new way of posting observations. Thank you!


    Good Morning Essec,

    Thank you for explaining where to post. Sorry I posted on wrong page this weekend. Feel free to delete it, if you need too.  🙂

    Harriet & M look great !  Love the sound on ALL cameras.

    Thank you Pritchett family for letting us view another Season  !  Be Safe.


    Sending good thoughts to Harriet, M15 and the Pritchetts and hoping all stay safe and undamaged through Hurricane Ian.


    Good Evening to all.  Just found the new forum…yay…I’m also sending lots of positive vibes to everyone in Florida.  Be safe, and Harriet and M15…go somewhere out of harms way please….


    PS is there a do’s and don’t for posting?



    Hello everyone, I’m in Canada and have been watching since the E9 days and just got news that Hurricane Ian is going to be hitting Fort Meyers. I’m very worried for M15 and Harriet. They recovered from the previous hurricane just fine but does anybody know if the eagles will retreat to a safe spot since they obviously have noticed the strong winds?

    They haven’t seemed to be on the nest within the past 24 hours so I’m hoping they’re also evacuating?

    sending love to Fort Meyers, M15, and Harriet, my favourite eagles on earth

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    Have you seen them on the nest cam recently? Because the nest seems empty in the live feeds from the past 24 hours. I hope they’ve evacuated to a safe spot to brace for the hurricane winds.

    Sending love from Canada to my favourite state of Florida and to M15 and Harriet, the best eagle parents in the world


    Hello BluSkye. Thank you for posting in SWFEC’s new forum. Guidelines for SWFEC’s forum will be posted in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, please be respectful to one another and enjoy!


    Hello xmkeon, it appears the eagles are roosting in the nest tree this evening. The cameras are offline at this time and will most likely remain offline until after the storm passes by. Wildlife seek shelter to hunker down during inclement weather. We all hope they will remain safe.


    I am so nervous for our eagles.   The last Hurricane that came through and damaged the nest tree brought me to tears till getting word that they were all ok.


    Trust the eagles.  Prayers for the residents of Florida in this monster’s path.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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