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    Hello SWFEC followers! Most days we will post a thread titled “OPEN DISCUSSION” on this forum. This thread is for viewers to share their thoughts, questions, scaps, and observations. Threads that begin with “SWFEC Season 11 and the Date” are daily observations posted by members of the SWFEC group. In order to keep the new observations in order (in the replies) for that day please don’t reply to the posts in these threads. Instead, use the “OPEN DISCUSSION” thread for posting. Please do not create new topics in the forum. Only reply on the “OPEN DISCUSSION” threads.  Thank you for your help as we adjust to this new way of posting observations. Thank you!

    At this time there is no information regarding the pasture area/nest/nest tree. Neither the cams or the PTZs are online. Updates will be posted as they become available. Thank you for your positive thoughts.



    Thank you Essec09 for the update.


    Thank you Essec09, I’m hoping and praying (like everyone else) that everything is okay at the nest area. I’m very worried about H&M.



    I could not sleep last night with worry.   Seeing video today and watchig the palms taking beatings…..I am VERY afraid for the nest.   I am sure that they left the area and went north to shelter.      If there is any way to contribute to help buy stuff for them to rebuild with I would happily help.   I was thinking that if a tree is still standing a big truckload of branchs broken into nest size would be great.


    Good morning Essec and thank you for being here. I hope in the light of day and the coming days everything will be ok. Trust the Eagles. Not sure about the nest 🤦‍♀️ but I trust the Eagles! I was not prepared for a seatbelt already! Everyone be safe and be well! Happy season 11 ❤️🦅


    Thank you for the update. Praying for everyone To be ok


    Please post any pics of the precious nest area when able to! Thank you! I pray it’s still livable for the Eagle babies!


    Good morning! Took me so long but finally was able to get set up here to post. Thank you for puttig this up, essec! I’ve been thinking of everyone down in Florida including H & M of course. I’m anxious to get any word about how things are going. Hoping and praying y0u are all ok.


    Authorities in the Fort Myers area are reporting human fatalities in the hundreds. I can’t imagine the toll that has befallen all the helpless animals out there. I pray for the well being of H & M. Master construction artists that they are, I would hope that their nest could be repaired or rebuilt. Like you all, I anxiously await an update or pics of our beloved Harriet and M15 🙏


    Thank you for updates, Essec. Hope you are okay. Praying for everyone there. 🙏🏻🦅🦅💔


    Remember that Harriet and M already have a backup nest all ready to go.  One of them is sure to be OK.


    Has anybody heard from the Pritchett family or Vicki? (wskrs)  Please let us know if you have.


    UPDATE FROM CAMERA OWNERS: A friend of Desiree Deliz (one of the local photograhers) was able to go to Harriet and M15’s nest tree. She reports that the nest is gone, but the nest tree remains. The fence is damaged and there are people there fixing it. Harriet and M15 have not been spotted.


    This is second hand information. Will continue to update and share any photos that are provided. IF the nest tree is sound, it is likely the pair will rebuild. They may decide to rebuild in another location (not sure what nest 2 tree/nest looks like at this time). But there is plenty of time for rebuilding. Thank you for positive thoughts!

    Photo credit: MLiz

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    Thank you so much Essec.  I came to post this same update as I had seen in a facebook group that I belong to.  I can’t see if the nest cam is still there, and that may be problematic with the season quickly approaching.  Thanks for all you do, and I’m loving the new forum format.  I haven’t been on in quite a while so it was a surprise for sure….

    Lisa P

    Thank you for the update Essec.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is for everybody there right now.  Hopefully Harriet and M15 are tucked away someplace safe.

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