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    Thank you Essec for the updates..very Appreciated… I hope H and M are o k and pray they come back today!!



    Essec, Can you delete a post I made in the wrong place last night? I guess I was typing as you posted your message. Sorry about that.


    I saw the actual comment from the Lee County Sheriff  and they said …”there Could Be fatalities in the hundreds”.  Let us pray he’s incorrect.   I agree with Essec’s earlier comment.  It does look like the cams are still there.  Unfortunately, it appears that the attic branches are missing as well as all those lower branches that acted as a safety net when the eaglets slipped off the nest or veranda.  Now we wait for Harriet and M15 to return.


    I am having trouble trying to figure out how to do this. I want very much to receive updates on everyone and everything at the nest tree area. I don’t know how to use upper case letters for someone’s name. I would like to be able to write properly. Essees09, thank you so much for all you are doing, kitty,


    Essee09,i apologize for misspelling your name!


    Wow!!! It took me a bit but I finally got signed onto the forum. I’m not exactly tech savvy so it wasn’t easy. LOL !!! I hope we hear  about a sighting of Harriet and M15.


    Essec09, looks like I finally got it right!


    So good to see the nest tree standing. I know in my heart our Queen Harriet & M are safe somewhere inland. They’re quite the dynamic duo & I hope we get a report on a sighting soon. It’s sad to see their nest missing, but I remain hopeful they will return, rebuild & continue their legacy as the greatest eagle parents around. Praying for all those affected by this devastating storm. Especially the Pritchett’s & everyone in SWFL eagle cam nation. ❤️🦅🦅❤️

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    Thanks Essec09. Praying for everyone and the Eagles all over Florida 🦅❤️


    I just watched a YouTube video of drone footage from Sanibel Island. About 1:20 into the video, a gorgeous Bald Eagle flew through the shot. This gives me hope that all the majestic eagles in Southwest Florida were able to make it through the storm. I hope to hear updates regarding Harriet and M15 soon! 🙏🏼🙏🏼


    Thank you for the information, hoping there will be more soon.  Out here in California worried sick about H&M- will be waiting and watching for any and all new updates.


    Essec09, have you heard how CROW did through the storm? I have been so worried about them.


    On their Facebook page they posted everyone is safe.


    CROW posed on Instagram as well that all of their staff, students, patients and ambassadors are safe.  There were several photos as well.  They are saints and my heroes.  Like so many others, they will need financial help to rebuild their beautiful facility.  Please donate if you can.  Thank you.


    KittyB, CROW posted this message on their Facebook page: HURRICANE IAN UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has extended their thoughts and reached out in concern. Despite how events have unfolded, we feel lucky to have so much support from our community, state, and friends of CROW.

    All CROW staff members, students, patients, and ambassadors are safe! We are doing our best to get to CROW to assess damages, but recognize the rescue and recovery of those who remain on the island should be prioritized! We are committed to getting back to our mission as soon as possible and we are currently working to develop alternate plans for wildlife care. We are so thankful for you all! Shoutout to our incredible staff and students who HEROICALLY cared for our wildlife patients and ambassadors during this catastrophic storm!
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