SWFL Eagles ~Big Rumble On The Nest! Both E's Go OVERBOARD! Stuffy May Have Fallen With Them 7.26.20

7/27/2020 1:11:09 AM

Lady Hawk - E16 flies into the nest and E15 is seen circling around the nest tree and lands on the attic. They both are squeeing at one another when E15 drops into the nest and the rumble is on! Wings are flying as they both tussle with one another - E15 will knock E16 off the nest and then tumble down as both go overboard by the porch! It appears that they took Stuffy with them and is seen falling in slomo at 2:24. Multi cam coverage in regular time and slomo! They both fly off & one E is seen on the front pine before taking off! Congratulations to Stuffy if indeed he has fledged accidentally! Perhaps one of the ground crew will spot him on the ground! Thank you for watching! Video captured & edited by Lady Hawk Thank you SWFEC , hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for allowing us the opportunity to view these amazing eagles. Watch live: https://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html