Weekly Nest Notes: Decisions, Decisions

2020-11-16 19:55:17 GMT

Harriet and M15 started and ended their days at the original nest. They aerated, moved and added some sticks and nesting. M15 lay in the nest bowl and kicked out the material with his feet. M15 follows Harriet’s lead as she insists on building Nest 2 in the West pasture snag tree.  He is always watching for Harriet and catering to her wishes. He delivered food gifts to Harriet in the original nest and Nest 2, since he was observed removing a pelt from there. Harriet and M15 are in the process of narrowing the decision of which nest will be called home for this Season.

Harriet and M15 have become more territorial as egg-laying time nears. They guarded both nests and the area when an Adult Eagle flew through the pasture, landing on the nest tree with them. Warning vocals gave way to M15 chasing the Adult Eagle off and out of the territory. A beautiful Sub-Adult Eagle perched comfortably in the nest tree and the Old Cam Tree, escaped the eyes of Harriet and M15, and eventually flew off. Vultures descended on the nest tree and enjoyed a warm breezy stay. Many interesting visitors have been in and out of view, including a Loggerhead Shrike, a juvenile Redheaded Woodpecker, and the usual Starlings and Crows.

Harriet and M15 are making great progress in their ultimate purpose. They keep their bond solid and strong and continue their commitment to each other and their offspring. As was evident throughout the past year, they never gave up on their goal. Harriet and M15 take Eagle Life as it comes and they possess all the elements necessary for a successful Season. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Header photo by wskrsnwings

Weekly Video Highlights

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