Weekly Nest Notes: Rolling into the New Year

2021-01-04 20:34:49 GMT

Harriet and M15 began the New Year and are about half-way to the hatching of their precious Eggs. They diligently and patiently care for their charges and make incubating look easy. They instinctively know when to roll the Eggs to keep them at the perfect temperature. The gentleness with which they tend to the Eggs and aerate around them is amazing. Their beaks and feet are strong enough to tear through fish and prey but they move about the nest with the utmost caution. The same tenderness will be seen as they feed and brood new babies.

Harriet and M15 are a superb team and are very much tuned into each other. M15 delivered food gifts for Harriet even though he had not done so for a while. He also brought nesting material to fluff up the nest bowl and keep it cozy for their Eggs. Securing the territory is a priority for both and the alert is sounded for any perceived danger. They each have escorted intruders out of the area. M15 perches above the nest and guards his Family throughout the night, taking an occasional incubating shift. Harriet’s time off nest duty is usually during the day hours perching in a favorite place or soaring the skies.

Harriet and M15 have their sights set on welcoming Eaglets in a few short weeks. Their work is never done and they will give their all to the care of their Family. Hope abounds for the New Year and for the success of Harriet, M15, and their future offspring.     Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)