Weekly Nest Notes: The Dynamic Eagle Family

2020-10-26 21:31:12 GMT

Harriet, M15, and E15 are involved in an intriguing family dynamic as the Nesting Season progresses. E15 remains in the area, appears to have staked a claim of the nest, and shows no signs of leaving.  E15 interferes with any efforts to refurbish the nest by treating a stick delivery as food and rushing in. Harriet has been extremely protective of her prized nest and tree over the years. Harriet and M15 rebuilt this nest from scratch when the original collapsed in 2016. So far, they have not deterred or chased E15 away as was thought would happen. Harriet and M15’s dilemma is to resume work on their nest or construct a secondary nest.


Harriet and M15 provide a perfect environment and supply a constant food source for E15. First-year Juvenile Eagles survive by scavenging and stealing food from Adult Eagles, other birds, and animals. Harriet and M15 continue to bring prey to the main nest and areas in the pasture. Food drops have been made at the pond and E15 is on the spot to fight for the meal. Dad and E15 chased each other around the grassy area at the pond. Dad took off with the fish, gave it to Mom, who brought it to the nest for E15. Dad brought a turtle to the nest, but it made a great escape over the edge before E15 could figure out how to eat it.

Harriet and M15 display signs of proceeding toward a new Season, and keep working on what is shaping into a sustainable nest in the West pasture snag. Feeding E15 in the main nest possibly keeps E15 away from the new location. Harriet and M15 have made their job extra hard keeping up with E15’s demands and carrying out their goal of having a new family. All of these interactions are interesting observations in the continuing journey of this amazing Eagle Family. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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