SWFL Eagles_ Early Breakfast & A Stick For M15 While Harriet Secures The Area, Bonding 10-06-21

10/6/2021 8:28:56 PM

wskrsnwings - M15 joined Harriet in the nest tree before sunrise. Both checked out the nest separately and moved and aerated nest material. M15 also laid in the nest (as he likes to do). M15 flew over to a west pasture tree and was eating, perhaps an unfinished prey item from the day before. He then grabbed a nice stick and delivered it to the nest. In the meantime Harriet flew across the road to have a discussion with the neighbor eagles perching on top of the cell tower. When she returned to the nest, she and M flew to perch together in a west pasture pine and there was a short attempt at bonding. Both flew past the west pasture tree line and out of sight shortly after 8:00am. Pileated Woodpeckers and a freshly bathed Loggerhead Shrike were seen in the pasture trees. Thank you SWFEC, hosted by Dick Pritchett Real Estate, for providing & maintaining suitable trees & environment for this Bald Eagle Family. www.SWFLEagleCam.com Thank you to Dick Pritchett Real Estate (SWFEC), Church of the Nazarene, Eagle Landing & several friends for allowing me to film on their premises.