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Nest Acivity – Tues, Nov 12- Love is In the Air

A series of sweet symphonies of vocals between Ozzie & Harriet:

Click on image to downloadScreen Capture from video by dragonlainey

Before the light of day the singing began. Harriet and then Ozzie arrived on the nest.They proceeded to vocalize and engage in their affectionate sparring some refer to as “beaking”. Harriet seemed to be doing more work on the nest bowl by adding her special touches. Ozzie appeared to resist her efforts with no luck. Harriet was observed bringing sticks, moss and a sprig of fresh pine to the nest. She also tried a shimmy or two like the one Ozzie does to hollow out the nest cup. A mystery breakfast was brought by Ozzie. Harriet flew from the cam 2 tree to get her special delivery meal. Their serenading continues in the early morning as Harriet approaches Ozzie with her affectionate “love kick” and mating follows in the nest tree.

Late afternoon sees the return of the Love Birds to the nest with beautiful fly-ins. Harriet continues to fine tune the nest bowl. Ozzie flies in with a large palm frond that looks out of place in the nest. There were more vocals, beaking and nest bowl work. With the cam 2 zoom capabilities there was a wonderful capture of Ozzie and Harriet in the upper branches approaching each other making beautiful music followed by mating. Ozzie and Harriet are in perfect harmony. They stayed on the branch beaking almost like a kissing gesture. It is amazing that such powerful creatures can be so tender. Harriet spent some alone time in the nest and as evening approached she flew off to the cam 2 tree. Thank you to Judy (urdognu) for the great panning and zooming on the PTZ camera. Thank you to the Pritchett family for maintaining this environment for Ozzie and Harriet. Thank you also for the opportunity to view Ozzie and Harriet’s Love Story through the live cameras.

Videos by dragonlainey


Summary By: dadsjazz

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