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No FLY Zone: Nest Activity for Dec 11

Ozzie and Harriet are serious defenders of their territory and nest. Ozzie took the night shift incubating and went into a protective mantle over those precious eggs when possibly an owl swept over the nest. At 5:05 am, Harriet quietly tip-taloned onto the nest where Ozzie now seemed to be content in his overnight nest duties. Ozzie remained perched close by on the “porch” branch protecting his family. The camera capture of a falling star in the predawn sky was a beautiful backdrop.

Early afternoon warning calls were heard from Ozzie as he watched an intruder fly around and above the nest. Ozzie took flight to ward of the intruder as Harriet arrived on the nest tree to protect their precious eggs. A while later Ozzie brought very vocal Harriet a mysterious looking snack. Later in the afternoon the intruder was circling the nest again to the displeasure of Ozzie and Harriet. Both worked together to drive off the intruder. At the end of the busy day all was well at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest tree. 

Ozzie protects his nest.(by urdognu)
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Ozzie flew off to pursue the intruder. (by dragonlainey)
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Video by dragonlainey

Video by urdognu

Summary by dadsjazz

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