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E’s at the Smorgasbord- Nest Notes for Jan 7.

Harriet kept the growing little E’s warm and toasty in the cold, windy overnight hours. The sun helped to warm the nest as the day went on but the wind was still cool. This weather didn’t seem to bother E3 and E4 at all. Their day was filled with feeding, sleeping and growing. They are entering week 3 in their growth stage. Their appetite is growing along with them and Mom and Dad have been diligently keeping the food deliveries coming. Mom and Dad both took sweeping flights around the nest area in the afternoon, possibly checking for intruders.

In the afternoon, Harriet brought feathered prey to the nest, proceeded to defeather it and fed the E’s. It looked as if it had snowed on the nest with all the feathers. There has been a wide variety of prey delivered to the nest. Later that afternoon Ozzie flew in with his catch and Harriet arrived with a fresh fish. As the sun was setting, Mom filled the little E’s crops full for the cool overnight hours. Ozzie and Harriet are excellent providers for all the needs of their baby E’s.

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen caps by urdognu

Mom keeping E’s warm and cozy
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Harriet’s feathered prey delivery, where are the E’s?
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Video by Dee Kelly

Video by urdogu

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