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Good Vibrations- Nest Notes, Photos & Videos for Jan 25.

The Eagle Family interactions take interesting twists and turns. There seem to be playful and civil moments between E3 and E4. E4 had a calm feeding time with Mom. Dad accidentally bonked E3 with a stick and E3 immediately went into a submissive position which may have been a first time to see this from E3. The food deliveries and feeding times have been less of a battle. The whole Family has been getting into a good rhythm.

E3 and E4 watch Mom and Dad intently. They are very aware all that goes on around them and are honing their survival skills. E4 found left over morsels in the nest and self fed. Ozzie and Harriet are great parents and excellent examples to E3 and E4, who will no doubt become beautiful Eagles one day.

Summary by dadsjazz

Mom shades E4 (dadsjazz)
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Dad accidently bonks E3, (dadsjazz)
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Mom calmly feeds E4 (From video by urdognu)
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Video By Dee Kelly

Video by Urdognu

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