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The Journey Ahead- Weekly Nest Notes

The day would come to say “Farewell” but it may not have been an easy task. E9 has made a lasting impression on all who watched from hatch, to fledge, to possibly the last time perching and sharing a meal with Mom and Dad. E9 became a formidable presence while practicing behaviors that will lead to hunting and defending from the attacking crows and grackles. Self preservation prevailed as E9 fearlessly stole food from Harriet despite efforts to keep her meal. All of these actions will help insure E9’s survival. Life in the pasture now presents many other species their turn to provide for and nurture their young.

E9 was seen less and less throughout the week while out exploring the territory in solo flights traveling farther and soaring higher each time. Wonder and curiosity will drive E9 and strength and confidence will abound for E9. Harriet and M15 have been exceptional at instilling the ways of Eagle life in their accomplished Juvenile. Their integral part in this process is complete. They gave E9 life, provided nourishment and protection to thrive, imprinted lessons for survival and encouraged with acceptance the next leg of E9’s own journey. Harriet and M15 will take the summer months to rest and refresh themselves and refurbish their nest. They perched together in the nest tree several nights in a row perhaps taking time to relish in their wonderful accomplishments in raising E9 and to renew their bond to each other as a commitment to begin another season of rearing their young.

As E9 departs for new experiences learning the way of the Eagle, we have mixed emotions. We long for yet one more glimpse of E9. We can take comfort in knowing that E9 has been imparted with unfailing instincts and learned skills from superb Eagle Parents, Harriet and M15. The journey ahead is the natural progression in the awakening of E9 to heed the call of the wild to fulfill destiny taking to the skies soaring to greatness and majesty.
Nest Notes by dadsjazz

E9 ready to launch to go soaring. (Photo by wskrsnwings)


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video extras of the pasture visitors by wskrsnwings.

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

Video extras of the pasture visitors captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

The Lovebirds perched for the evening. (Screen captured from SWFEC camera by dadsjazz)

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