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Nature’s Magic- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet greets the day with early morning vocals from her perch in the nest tree or one of the neighboring trees. M15 answers from one of his overnight perches. The song continues as they stretch, preen and survey the pasture. Usually one or both of them arrives in the nest to take stock of what materials are needed that day. M15 is sometimes more ambitious in the morning and starts his day with a nice stick delivery. Harriet observes and sometimes voices her approval of M15’s choice of material and the placement or she joins him in the nest to place it herself. This leads to many “discussions” as they each struggle to find just the right spot for the items. Harriet sometimes gets her way or she moves over to another branch giving M15 the final decision. She has been known to return later and move the stick where she wants it. Harriet adds her favorite pine boughs along with sticks, air plants and moss.The nest rails are growing higher and higher and their heads are barely visible from the ground view.

Harriet happily received food offerings by M15. His menu included several fish, a rodent of some kind and a partial bird carcass. Being an accomplished hunter one never knows what M15 will provide at meal time. He is getting in the routine of bringing food to the nest daily. Harriet and M15 mate regularly which may not produce eggs just yet but proves to strengthen their bond. Their daily activities show them engaging in all the behaviors that Eagles display in preparation for egg laying.

Harriet and M15’s protective instincts appear to be heightened as time draws nearer. They may be spending more time in the nest tree and the area. Harriet stayed in the nest overnight one windy evening. The week saw less visiting by juvenile and other Eagles. One night a persistent Great Horned Owl managed to bump into Harriet as she perched over her nest but she quickly recovered and flew away. The Owl returned to perch on the branch and even entered the nest to look around. Owls are also preparing to lay eggs and may be looking to move into Harriet and M15’s nest. Owls are fierce predators and stealthy night flyers. They are known for taking over another’s nest. It is doubtful that Harriet would give up her nest any time soon. Owls are only being Owls and trying to survive and procreate as are Harriet and M15. The other birds are also preparing for new life and staking their claim to a piece of the pasture. The horses gallop full steam ahead throughout the pasture. This magical place is a microcosm of nature that is alive and well and thriving. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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