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Final Weekly Nest Notes: The Next Chapter

Nesting Seasons each unfold in unique ways. There have been many successful outcomes and many that were faced with challenges. Nature at times can be harsh and other times be very satisfying to observe. Season 7 has been very rewarding and inspiring. Harriet and M15 nurtured and nourished their precious Eaglets over the months to become skilled and intelligent Juvenile Eagles, readying them to be off on the next chapter of Eagle Life.

E13 eagerly learned the art of the steal in securing food and found their inner fierceness standing their ground. E13 gained the courage and confidence to make the decision to start life as a Juvenile out in the big world well prepared for survival. The last sighting of E13 was April 25.

E12 pushed the limits of their stay in the territory lingering a while longer. Mom and Dad’s patience and perseverance provided sustenance for E12 while practicing hunting by chasing the crows to steal their food. E12 was also mastering fishing using perfect form while sweeping the surface of the ponds.  E12’s vigor and spirit carried them to the wild beyond and was last seen on May 16.

Harriet and M15 may have a sense of great accomplishment and pride in their grand endeavor rearing two amazingly energetic and impressive Juvenile Eagles. They make their transition from the constant focus on their offspring to renewing and refreshing themselves and their unfailing bond to each other. They take time in the mornings to add sticks and materials to the nest and to make sure their valuable real estate is secure. They laze away the warm days perched in shady places and feast on abundant food. Harriet and M15’s well-deserved hiatus will energize and invigorate them for the next Season. Under the watchful eye of the Great Eagle Spirit may The Eagle Family be protected and the new chapters be fruitful.

Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (SWFEC cameras)

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