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SWFEC Nest Notes: INVINCIBLE Beauties

E21 and E22 are turning 12 weeks old and are just about full-grown. When Dad delivers food to the nest, they appear equal to or even larger than him. E21 and E22 are stunning young Eagles on the verge of following the path of those who came before them. They are thriving despite the challenges faced since Harriet’s mysterious absence. Dad has excelled as a solo parent, and Mom has imparted her resilience and invincibility to these beauties. E21 and E22 have surpassed many milestones throughout their time in the… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: INVINCIBLE Beauties

SWFEC Nest Notes: Hope Abounds For The Eagle Family

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E21 and E22 are turning seven weeks old and are impressive Eaglets as they grow in greatness. They are thriving, and their presence in the nest is stunning. They are ahead of many milestones already. E21 and E22 are mastering self-feeding and are acutely aware of their surroundings. E22 is more confident and assertive at mealtime. Both exercise sprawling wings in the breeze. E21 is braving the boundaries and standing on the nest rails to look out of the nest. E21 and E22 gather valuable lessons each day. Since Mom,… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Hope Abounds For The Eagle Family

SWFEC Nest Notes: See How We have Grown!

E21 and E22 are just over three weeks old and are sprouting up and out everywhere. They have big yellow feet and wings with the beginnings of flight feathers emerging. They are tall enough to peek above the nest rails at the world below. E21 and E22 explore the nest, work on balance, and practice flapping growing wings. Days are composed of eating and sleeping, which results in tremendous growth spurts. Harriet and M15 are providing abundant food supplies for their ravenous babies. E21 and E22 have sampled a variety… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: See How We have Grown!

SWFEC Nest Notes: Overnight Deliveries and Perfect Teamwork (1/16/2023)

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Harriet and M15 began the New Year by welcoming bobbling babies E21 and E22. Each Eaglet hatched after working hard, breaking out of the eggs in the cover of nighttime. Harriet and M15 provide exceptional care for their just over one-week-old little treasures. E21 and E22 grow fast and strong from plentiful meals and lots of sleep in the warm sun or tucked below Mom or Dad. E21 and E22 are less than three days apart, and their time as nestmates and siblings has been mostly calm. Sparring matches for… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Overnight Deliveries and Perfect Teamwork (1/16/2023)

SWFEC Nest Notes: Delivering Joy into the World (12/6/2022)

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Harriet and M15 have proven time and time again resilience throughout their journey. They faced losses over the years but remained driven to carry their legacy onward. The recent storm damaged the tree they call home and destroyed their nest. Harriet and M15 found a haven to safely ride out the horrendous weather and returned to their territory to begin reconstruction and renovation. Harriet and M15 powered through and built a beautiful nest.

SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Honoring M15 on Father’s Day

M15 has become a finely seasoned Eagle Dad to his offspring over the last seven years. He offers unyielding support from the start of each Season with nest building, incubating and tending to eggs, feeding young Eaglets, and teaching fledglings by example. M15 is an exceptional hunter and a fierce protector keeping his family safe and secure. He remains loyal and devoted to his partner Harriet, and their bond is unfailing. As the Seasons wind down, M15 and Harriet retreat to their well-deserved downtime. They will prepare to begin the… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Honoring M15 on Father’s Day

SWFEC Nest Notes Final: Farewell and Flourish, E19 and E20

E20 remained in the area and took charge of the pasture and pond, honing hunting and fishing techniques. E20 perched on the leaning palm tree surveying the pond for a chance to catch or steal a fish. E20’s favorite pastime has been swooping on the ducks and water birds. E20 took off to soar high and far, and it seemed like a final look at the territory. E20 returned to spend another day in the haven where they have grown, learned, and thrived over the past months. E20 took a… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes Final: Farewell and Flourish, E19 and E20

SWFEC Nest Notes: E20 Proclaims “I’m Still Here”

E20 is past the average time when former Juveniles embarked on their journeys of discovery. E20 seems to be enjoying the comforts of home long after sibling E19 took to the skies on their big adventure. E20 claimed the pond area as their haven for easy access to steal a meal or a food drop. E20 uses this extended time to perfect hunting skills and has amazingly caught several fish in the pond. E20 spent an overnight away from the pasture but arrived home the next day. E20 has all… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: E20 Proclaims “I’m Still Here”

SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Mother’s Day Honors for Harriet

Harriet begins each Nesting Season with a clear focus on adding a new generation of offspring to the Eagle world.  Motherhood is her forte, and she is unmatched in her role. She is the foundation that upholds her family. Harriet expends her all for the care of her precious babies.  She is loyal to her mate M15 and commands his devotion. They work together as a finely tuned partnership to fulfill Harriet’s goals. Harriet seems to exude enormous pride as she surveys her territory. She excels in all aspects, from… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes Extra: Mother’s Day Honors for Harriet

SWFEC Nest Notes: The Next Chapters

E19 and E20 broke into the world a few short months ago, grew well and quickly, and transformed into brilliant beauties ready to take on Eagle life. They graduated from the nest to the branches above and eventually to the freedom of flight. They explored the perches and trees close by, found peace and comfort at the pond, and flew the skies higher and farther. These experiences have prepared them for coming adventures. E19 and E20 perched on the pond fence and watched for opportunities to grab a meal. They… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: The Next Chapters