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swfec Nest Notes: nest duty: fluff, roll, incubate, repeat

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M15 and F23 progress on their mission to ensure the hatching of their two special deliveries. They each take their time on the nest tending to the Eggs seriously. M15 is more than eager to do his part, even to the point of coaxing F23 off the eggs. He arrives in the wee hours of the morning to give F23 a break. He brings in nesting and proceeds to drop some on F23. She objects, of course, and raises up and off the nest bole and eggs. M15 sneaks in… Read More »swfec Nest Notes: nest duty: fluff, roll, incubate, repeat

swfec nest notes: miracles in the making

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M15 and F23 welcomed Egg 1, laid on 11/24/23 at 5:54 pm., and Egg 2, laid on 11/27/23 at 1:44 pm. F23 is a new partner for M15, and there was no certainty for these events to happen. The realization is here for this Family, and miracles are in the making. M15 created a beautiful, sturdy nest to entice F23 to join him in his quest for offspring. F23 grew in her attachment to M15 and his territory. They engaged in all the courtship rituals and mating behaviors. He showered… Read More »swfec nest notes: miracles in the making

swfec nest notes: Provide, protect, and defend

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M15 excels in his skills and instincts as an outstanding male Eagle. He has diligently been preparing for this nesting season with his new interest, F23. They maneuver through their journey to becoming a bonded pair and raising a family together. M15 has proven to be remarkable in all aspects of his life. He makes it look easy as he provides for and protects his family. He defends them and the territory from all threats. F23 appears to be a newly mature female Eagle taking her time adjusting as a… Read More »swfec nest notes: Provide, protect, and defend

swfec Nest Notes: Making a safe haven

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M15 and F23 have worked diligently these last few months to fortify the nest and make a safe haven. The nest is also attractive to the Owls trying to claim the nest as theirs. There was an altercation between the Eagles and the Owls when M15 and F23 roosted in the nest tree for the first night. It was a rainy evening, and Owls usually don’t fly in the rain. As the night went on, M15 and F23 were united in their defense of the nest. The sight of the… Read More »swfec Nest Notes: Making a safe haven

swfec Nest Notes: the path to a hope-filled future

M15 and F23 are busy in the early mornings with adding the finishing touches to the nest rails and the soft interior spaces. F23 works on the giant sticks M15 delivers and lets him do the nest bole checking. They hop up to the attic, engage in mating, and preen, all before flying out for breakfast. They are developing a steady routine and are working in harmony. The nest and nest bole are looking ready to envelop possible precious cargo arriving soon. M15 and F23 may be unaware that their… Read More »swfec Nest Notes: the path to a hope-filled future

SWFEC Nest Notes: building a home and securing the territory

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M15 and F23 are ramping up the nestorations. They added many sticks and soft nesting, making the nest larger by the day. When M15 delivered a huge bromeliad/air plant, F23 seemed baffled by the addition as she tore it apart. F23 lay in and got a feel for the nest bole for the first time. M15 makes many checks of the bole throughout the day. F23 is taking more interest in processes that go into building a home for their future. M15 and F23 are more united in securing the… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: building a home and securing the territory


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M15 and F23 seemed to take a more leisurely approach to nestorations over the week. They arrived early some days and a little later on other days. M15 and F23 sweep through the pasture to look for the specific item. They are both agile and acrobatic at grabbing sticks on the fly. They delivered materials, worked on placement, and disagreed over it. The days spent nest building include all these elements. M15 presented F23 with two food gifts in the nest. She quickly claimed her prizes and flew to a… Read More »SWFEC NEST NOTES: M15 AND F23 BECOMING A TEAM

SWFEC Nest Notes: Preparing a Nest and Building a Bond

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M15 and F23 arrive on most mornings to work on the nest. They have also taken time off to do the things that Eagles do. F23 has been bringing in more materials and has become more assertive in her placement choices. Female Eagles are usually more dominant, and F23 seems to be growing into that role. M15 offers help to move a stick, and when F23 objects, he leaves her to do it. M15 and F23 engage in many activities that shape their relationship. They focus on the nest, keep… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: Preparing a Nest and Building a Bond

SWFEC Nest Notes: A Promising Outlook

M15 began the official start of Nesting Season 12 with a flurry of activity, bringing sticks and materials to the nest. He placed the items purposefully, then laid the nest bowl to try it out. M15’s constant Female companion, F23, has now taken more of an interest in adding her touches to the nest. She brought sticks, nesting, and a few pine boughs. Her F23 moniker symbolizes Female and her arrival in 2023, much like M15, Male who appeared in Harriet’s life in 2015. M15 and F23 are in a… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: A Promising Outlook

SWFEC Nest Notes: A New Journey of Hope

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M15 arrived toward summer’s end to survey his territory and inventory his nest. M15 appeared from his vacation looking rejuvenated and ready to take on another adventure. He has become a seasoned Eagle Dad through the years, and his experience is on full display. After losing his beloved mate Harriet last Season, M15 single-handedly raised his young Eaglets E21 and E22 to move on to live their best Eagle lives. Many female Eagles vied for his attention through those trying times. His focus remained on his devotion to his family.… Read More »SWFEC Nest Notes: A New Journey of Hope