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Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

E15 and E16 are nearing the time for them to each make their way to discover the world. They have keen instincts and are well schooled in ways of Eagle life. They have been engaging and sharpening skills over the weeks and seem ready for new experiences.  They keep a close watch for Harriet and M15 and an eye on each other just in case a meal is brought in. They have learned that Eagles and other birds may lead them to prey where they will have to use their… Read More »Weekly Nest Notes: Time to Discover the World

Share your Favorite Memories of E4- Sunday May 4, 5-10pm ET

Did you fall in love with E4 and rest of the eagle family this season? Going to have withdraws when E4 leaves the area? Share you favorite memories, milestones, photos & videos during a special chat session Sunday, May 4, 2014 5pm – 10pm ET. All are welcome to stop by and say hello and join in on the conversation.  We will not be closing up shop until after E4 leaves the area but will be disabling SS after May 4.