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The Eaglets are almost 8 Weeks Old

The young birds grow rapidly, they add one pound to their body weight every four or five days. At one to two weeks, it is possible for them to hold their head up for feeding. By three weeks they are foot high and their feet and beaks are very nearly adult size. At three or four weeks, this eaglet is covered in its secondary coat of gray down. In another two weeks or so, black juvenile feathers will begin to grow in. Between four and five weeks, the birds are able to stand, at which time they can began tearing up their own food. At six weeks, the eaglets are very nearly as large as their parents. At eight weeks, the appetites of the young birds are at their greatest. While parents hunt almost continuous to feed them back at the nest the eaglets are beginning to stretch their wings in response to gusts of wind and may even be lifted off their feet for short periods.


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