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Daily Update from the Nest (Nov. 10, 2013)

Sunday was not a day of rest for Ozzie and Harriet as they get their nest in order for the upcoming egg laying. Some subtle changes in their behaviors are being observed as the time draws near:

  • Harriet seems to be in the nest more. She was viewed on camera lying in the nest for quite a while this afternoon. Harriet has been very vocal.
  • Ozzie is relentless in his stick deliveries and nest bowl “shimmies”. Some observations are that Ozzie is in charge of building and maintaining the nest and food deliveries.
  • Harriet also bring sticks, soft material to the nest and her occasional greenery.
  • Harriet is the dominant partner and appears to rule what goes on in the nest with the eggs and eaglets. Harriet is like the “glue” that keeps the family together. 

Since the addition of cameras to eagles nests and this nest in particular there are many interesting observations. Some behaviors that were thought to be strictly male or female have become shared equally by Ozzie and Harriet:

  • There were times when Ozzie incubated the eggs or “watched” the eaglets while Harriet was out for an afternoon.
  • Also many tandem feedings of the eaglets were observed last year. Ozzie and Harriet make a great team and are wonderful parents.

To watch the live unfolding story of Ozzie and Harriet Watch the action live here:

For more information on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam or ways you can get involved with the Foundation, visit:

(Photo: Desiree Deliz)


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