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Summary: Nest Activity – Monday, November 11, 2013

Didn’t get to watch the cams yesterday? Here is what you missed:

Morning: Vocal greetings began early at 4:00am nest time. Ozzie arrived at the nest before dawn and began his nest bowl fluffing. Harriet arrived shortly after and proceeded to help. Ozzie really likes to do this task himself so an early morning discussion with vocals and “beaking” took place for a while. Harriet seemed to win this argument as Ozzie left her to try out the nest bowl with a shimmy of her own.

Ozzie’s day was filled with lots of beautiful fly-ins and fly-outs with stick deliveries and 2 fish gifts for Harriet. Harriet’s day was filled with lots of vocalizing, eating the fresh fish deliveries from Ozzie and some time at the pond in their nest area. Her appetite seems to be increasing. Their day also included time spent perching, bonding and mating in the branches of their nest tree. Harriet has a behavior that is being called a “love kick” which she sometimes gives to Ozzie before or after mating. They truly are a loving couple.

Most of the day’s nestorations seemed to focus on fluffing the nest bowl. The time for egg laying may be getting closer. Ozzie and Harriet ended their evening visit to the nest flying off to watch the beautiful sunset perched in their favorite tree where cam 2 is located. Excitement is building for all who follow this wonderful pair. 

Videos by dragonlainey

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