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Nest Activity Update- Nov. 13, 2013

Two Eagles in a Pine Tree.

In the wee hours of the morning Ozzie and Harriet began nest bowl work featuring the “Ozzie Shimmy”. Ozzie wriggles his chest in the nest bowl and then he does the “Ozzie Shuffle” by kicking his feet backward. Although these comical names give light to his actions they look as if they are very important in constructing the nest bowl. Ozzie and Harriet departed to the outer branches of the nest tree and returned to the nest closer to dawn. It was a very windy day in Southwest Florida but Ozzie and Harriet manage to get some work accomplished. There was a beautiful early fly-in to the nest with Harriet vocalizing all the way. Ozzie was following behind her with a very fresh flopping fish which almost flopped out of the nest. Harriet finished her breakfast as Ozzie proceeded with his usual stick deliveries. Mating took place in the outer branches of the nest tree where Harriet spent the next few hours. Ozzie persistently returned to his nest work while holding on and balancing in the wind gusts. On one of his return flights Ozzie brought a large fluffy ball of something he tried to spread around the nest. Ozzie looked puzzled when the fluff returned like a slinky toy to its original round shape.

Ozzie and Harriet paid an early evening visit to the nest. Harriet finished the fish tail left from the morning meal. She then tried to manage the “fluff slinky” with no luck. Ozzie and Harriet perch in the branches just off the nest and then flew off to the pond as evening set in. Here is an interesting collection of things seen in the nest today: 1 flopping fish, 1 ball of fluff, 1 pine cone, 1 fish tail, green pine needles, large palm frond, and Two Eagles in the pine tree. 

Screen capture from video by dragonlainey
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Summary By: dadsjazz

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