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Nest Activity for Nov. 14, 2013

Heads or Tails

Today was not the typical beginning to Ozzie and Harriet’s day.

  • There were not many early morning vocals.
  • The brief early morning visit to the nest was not until 6:18 am. 
  • Harriet seemed very calm and quiet and spent time lying in the nest bowl. 

Ozzie and Harriet both performed beautiful fly-ins and fly–outs from the nest with sticks. One impressive fly-in happened when Ozzie delivered a fish for brunch as Harriet was in quick pursuit vocalizing all the way. Harriet appears to love her fish gifts from Ozzie who is a great provider. He has delivered at least 2 meals for Harriet every day for the last week or so. Their bond continues to be strong.

Click on image to download(Photo: UrdognU)

Ozzie and Harriet each spent time on their own drinking and wading in the pond which is on the property where the nest is located. Ozzie delivered another fish to the nest around noontime. Harriet was not as eager to eat at this meal. Harriet was observed spending more time in the nest today, lying in it and making adjustments to suit her. Some eager eagle watchers think egg laying time is quickly arriving. Ozzie continues to bring sticks to the nest and attend to Harriet’s meals. Ozzie’s fish gifts to Harriet at times are missing the heads which may be his favorite part of the fish. Harriet has no problem with this since she has been seen gulping the whole fish tail down at once. The evening visit by the Loving Couple was brief with Harriet trying on the nest for size again. Join in the continuing story of Ozzie and Harriet.

Videos (by urdognu)

  1. Headless Fish Gift, Harriet Looks Secure As She Lays In Nest, 9-10:30am_11-14-13
  2. Ozzie Delivers ANOTHER Headless Fish For Egg Growing Harriet_11-14-13
  3. SWFL Eagles_The Waiting Room Is Filling Up, Evening Affection and Nestorations_11-14-13

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