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Nest Activity- Nov 15, 2013

SWFEC SUMMARY Friday November 15, 2013

Say Goodnight Harriet

Another 1:00 am visit to the nest by Harriet. Faint vocals heard around dawn suggested Ozzie and Harriet were perched nearby. As daylight begins, the Love Birds arrived on the nest to continue their “nestorations”. Both are diligent nest builders and renovators. Harriet is spending a lot of time lying in the nest. Maybe she is practicing for her soon to be hours of incubating eggs.

The day’s activities included beautiful fly-ins and fly-outs from the nest and the surrounding trees. The PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera located 30 yards from the nest allows great captures of these sights. One of the amazing views was of Ozzie hunting in the background of the nest tree. Harriet was perched in the PTZ camera tree and took flight to join Ozzie in his return to the nest. She knew he had a food gift for her. She vocalized her excitement during her entire flight.

An afternoon of hunting and nest building made a busy day for Ozzie and Harriet. They found time to engage in their affectionate bonding ritual by “beaking” and a time or two of mating. Harriet had her time perched in the outer branches of the nest tree. As of late they both have been spending their days in close proximity to the nest. Could Ozzie and Harriet be practicing for their soon be parental duties? Nature only knows. Ozzie and Harriet watched another busy day come to a close perched together in a pine tree next to the nest tree. Good night Ozzie and Harriet.

Screen Capture from video by urdognu

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Videos by urdognu

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