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WE HAVE AN EGG: A Very Special Delivery Day!

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Sunday November 17, 2013

A Very Special Delivery

Early morning vocals were heard loud and clear suggesting Ozzie and Harriet were in the nest tree. They have stayed close to the nest area for the last several days. Harriet arrived in the nest at 6:18 am. Ground observers reported that Ozzie and Harriet were perched in the camera 2 tree. Harriet took a few short flights to some of her favorite perch trees in the area and back to the nest tree. Ozzie and Harriet had a moment of bonding this morning. There were beautiful flights to and from the nest but both mostly stayed in the area. Harriet was very vocal again today and spent a lot of time dragging the soft nest grasses around the nest bowl. These activities went on throughout the morning and early afternoon. At times Harriet seemed restless and focused on working on the nest bowl.

Upon Harriet’s arrival in the nest at 3:24 pm her restlessness appeared to increase. She would lie in the nest between her fly hop to the upper branch and back to the nest. Harriet’s vocalizing increased. She may have been panting from the heat of the day. What became evident by her behavior was that Harriet was in labor. 

At 4:39 pm Harriet’s special delivery of their first egg of the season came into the world. When Ozzie returned to the nest Harriet greeted him with softer, sweeter vocals. Harriet raised up to show Ozzie their beautiful new egg and his reaction was priceless. The moment was very tender and loving. Ozzie perched on the small branch just off the nest to keep watch over his precious Harriet and their egg. Harriet has been resting on the nest with her very special gift tucked safely beneath her.
Thank you to all who make these observations possible.

Screen capture by dragonlaineyClick on image to download


By dragonlainey:
Pretty Fly In and Fly Off ~ Quiet Morning In The Pine 11-17-2013 6-9 a.m. Highlights
First Egg Laid 4:39:33 pm
Harriet’s Labor and Delivery ~ watch fullscreen at 16:39:16 and watch egg drop
Ozzie’s First Look ~ Harriet Not Ready To Give Up Her Spot ~ Lots of Vocals

By urdognu
Mating…Up Close And Very Personal, 9.05am
Anytime Is Egg Time, Spending More Time At The Nest

Summary by: dadsjazz 

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