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Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
DAILY SUMMARY Monday November 18, 2013

The Object of Their Affection

The first day of Ozzie and Harriet’s egg arrival was filled with activity and excitement. Much energy is expended during egg formation and the laying process . Throughout the night and early morning Harriet lay in the nest. At 3:53 am Ozzie took over his duties of egg tending. Ozzie seemed a little unsettled, possibly readjusting to his roll of incubating. He cautiously rolled the egg, placed it perfectly and nestled in to keep it safe and warm. Harriet may have been near by in the nest tree for a while. They are usually within view of the nest especially now that they have priceless cargo. 

The day’s events were focused on tending to their precious egg. Each Parent took their turn on the nest. Beautiful sights were viewed as they flew to and from the nest. Ozzie brought nest material. Harriet voiced her appreciation of the fish Ozzie delivered to her for lunch. Harriet spent a while “talking” to Ozzie maybe giving him egg “sitting” instructions. Harriet was gone for quite a while this afternoon. At one point it seemed as if she was defending her territory, soaring in the sky behind the nest. As evening approached Harriet returned to the nest and settled in with her precious egg. Ozzie and Harriet’s devotion to each other, to the nest and their young is amazing. It is a privilege to watch the wonder of nature before our eyes.

Screen Capture from video by urdognu
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Video by dagonlainey

Video by urdognu

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