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Egg #2 on the Way? Daily Summary for Nov. 19

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Tuesday, November 19, 2013
By: DadsJazz

Incubating, Mating and Waiting

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(Photo by Greg Hill)

It was a very early start to the day, shortly after midnight Harriet was ready for Ozzie to take over incubating duties of their 2 day old egg. She flew off the nest vocalizing for Ozzie. He arrived in the nest rearranged the soft nest bowl material, gently rolled the egg and settled over it. As the day began to dawn fog blanketed the area. Ozzie kept to his duties of egg tending until Harriet arrived at 7:34 am. Beside his incubating duties Ozzie still carried out his nest building duties. Harriet had her eagle-eye view of Ozzie bringing a fish back to the nest and she was very happy to voice her excitement. Ozzie waited for his beautiful Harriet to finish her brunch in the upper branch of the nest tree. Harriet joined him on the branch and mating occurred. It is interesting that they mate often even though they have produced an egg. Mating seems to also be a way of keeping their bond strong. Harriet flew off to the camera 2 tree to perch for a while and Ozzie resumed his incubating duties. 

Harriet became alerted by something in the distance. She vocalized so loudly that Ozzie rose up from the egg to see what her sights were set on. He joined her in the vocals maybe to let all in the area know this is their territory. Ozzie returned to the nest and his egg tending. Harriet quickly flew off to the North rousting a flock of cattle egrets in her wake. As she soared in the sky she was joined by the vultures. Harriet returned to the nest in the afternoon to give Ozzie his time. Harriet spent the next hours seeming restless. She was on and off the nest several times. Could egg number 2 be coming soon? Ozzie gave Harriet a short break then she was on the nest as the sun set. Ozzie came to relieve Harriet once again as the busy day came to an end.

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