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And Then There Were Two: Daily Summary for Nov. 21

And Then There Were Two
SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Summary by DadsJazz

Click on image to downloadScreen capture from video by dragonlainey

As all the enthusiastic followers of this wonderful eagle pair watched in anticipation, Harriet graced us with an extra special delivery this evening with her egg number 2 at 6:18 pm. Many had viewed in awe as the first egg was laid on Sunday, November 17. Hours were spent anticipating the next delivery and that special moment was barely noticed as Beautiful Harriet lay incubating precious egg number 1. About 40 minutes later she stood to check her egg and to roll it into the perfect position for incubating. It was in plain view that there were now 2. 

The day was filled with Ozzie and Harriet taking turns incubating. It is generally observed that eagles lay their eggs one at a time and from one to three days apart. Egg producing consumes a great deal of energy. Only one egg can be produced at a time. Last season the eggs were laid 3 days apart. Harriet had spent less time on the nest in the last few days causing some doubt that today would be the day. There is no way to predict nature; it has no schedule that can be explained in human terms. The beauty of nature is how it unfolds in ways that mystify humans. Nature cannot be controlled or cajoled; it can only be appreciated for how it inspires us.

Video by dragonlainey

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