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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling- Nest Summary for Nov. 21

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Thursday, November 21, 2013
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Ozzie’s first look at egg number 2: by dragonlainey

Roll and Roll Again
Summary by: DadsJazz

Lovely Harriet surprised us when she laid her second egg yesterday very subtly without many obvious signs. Harriet spent most of the night and very early morning incubating her precious possessions. Ozzie had his first chance to take his turn at incubation the newly laid egg at 6:21 am. He was observed carefully and gently approaching the eggs so not to harm them. It is amazing the gentleness these strong eagles can show with their eggs and young. Mom, Harriet and Dad, Ozzie have taken turns on the nest caring for their soon to be offspring. A very important part of their care involves rolling the eggs. The adults roll the eggs in order to keep the temperature even throughout the egg and to prevent the embryo from adhering to one side of the egg. The parents were away from the eggs momentarily and stood up and off the eggs at times which may be instinctive to regulate the temperature of the eggs.The hatch time is generally between 35 and 39 days.

There were many “shift changes” and egg rolls throughout the day. Each parent needs time to stretch and hunt. It appears that Ozzie and Harriet’s territorial and protective instincts are in full force. Ozzie became alerted to something in the afternoon. Harriet had just returned from her morning break. She and Ozzie became very vocal and called out for 10 minutes. A while later Harriet was startled by a bird approaching the nest and spread her wings across the nest to protect her eggs. Ozzie and Harriet are committed and wonderful parents. These behaviors will insure healthy eaglets in the coming months.

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Harriet in protect mode: Screen Capture by urdognu

Video by dragonlainey

Video by urdognu

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