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Keep Rolling, Rolling Rolling…

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 22, 2013

Summary by DadsJazz

Ozzie and Harriet have 2 beautiful eggs in the nest and their parental duties are a 24 hour job. Their day consisted of time taking turns incubating the eggs. Rolling the eggs takes place at regular intervals throughout the day and night. Harriet had very early 3:00 am sleepy stroll to the edge of the nest for her stretch and a break. She immediately returned to the eggs and gave them a roll, settled in and went back off to sweet eagle dream land. Harriet called out for her partner at day break and he responded quickly with a short flight from the Camera 2 tree. He is never far away. He resumed the duty of egg rolling and incubating. Later in the morning Ozzie was on the alert with a lot of vocals. A large bird was seen flying by the nest tree. Ozzie kept his sights on the sky above ready to protect his precious cargo. He is a great Dad. Ozzie greeted Harriet as she brought some fluffy nest material. “Nesotrations” are also ongoing as she proceeded to move the fluff into place while incubating the eggs. She is a wonderful Mom.

Ozzie and Harriet’s nest duties changed all throughout the day as each took their rolling and incubating shifts.They called out to each other as if to say “Honey, it’s your turn.” As the evening hours arrived Ozzie and Harriet were observed sharing a loving moment. Their bond is made stronger as they display their loyalty to each other and their young. Harriet and eggs are safe and sound as night falls with Ozzie the protector nearby.

Screen capture by urdognu
Harriet arrives with fluffy nest material.
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Video by dragonlainey

Video by urgdognu

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