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Taking Turns & Teamwork

Southwest FL Eagle Cam Daily Summary
Saturday, November 23.2013

As the day begins to dawn Harriet lay peacefully calling out as if she knew Ozzie was close by.

She may have be letting him know that his day “shift” of nest tending and egg incubating was about to begin. Shortly after Harriet departed from the nest Ozzie did arrive to take over his duties. Harriet returned a while later with some soft nest material. They both constantly bring reinforcements for the nest bowl and the nest itself. At one of Ozzie’s free times he brought a palm frond which did not appear to be very soft. Harriet was not thrilled with it being in the nest. As the palm frond worked its way into the nest bowl, Ozzie must have decided he didn’t like either and was observed moving it out of the way.

Ozzie and Harriet’s time was spent today as it will for the next 35 to 39 days, taking turns incubating and rolling the eggs and protecting their future offspring. Their team work and commitment will insure a successful nesting season.

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Summary by: DadsJazz

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