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Dinner is Served…Nest Summary for Sunday, Nov 24

Hungry Harriet and 2 Fish Tails

Harriet began her early morning vocalizing for Ozzie to relieve her night shift of incubating their beautiful eggs. It was reported that Harriet was on the nest for 12 hours and 45 minutes. Ozzie immediately appeared on the nest to take over his morning duties. Ozzie was on the nest for several hours when Harriet flew in for her turn. Ozzie came back to the nest area with a fish. He took it to a tree by the pond and proceeded to eat his favorite part of the fish. Harriet watched and knew that her generous partner would share the late morning meal with her. Ozzie flew to the nest and his lovely Harriet with the headless fish offering for her. She vocalized her appreciation. 

Ozzie and Harriet’s day activities included flights to and from the nest, aerating the nest, rolling and incubating the eggs,hunting and eating. Later in the day Ozzie presented Harriet with another headless fish which she devoured quickly. This time it took her a few gulps to swallow the fish tail. Harriet settled in for the night hours of incubating her precious eggs. 

Screen capture from video by urdognu
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Video by urdognu
AM Highlights, O Eats In Front Of H And Finally Shares N More
PM Highlights, Harriet Inhales Her Dinner

Summary by DadsJazz

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