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Through Winds & Rains…Daily Summary for Nov 26

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The overnight hours brought wind and rain to the area. The precious eggs were warm and safe in their nest under the care of Mom, Harriet.

The first exchange of incubation duties took place at 6:43 am. Dad, Ozzie took over the care of the precious eggs carefully rolling the eggs and aerating the nest to keep the nest bowl soft and dry. Harriet returned later in the morning with more soft nest material. Instinctively they know cooler, wetter weather may be coming.

At one point another large bird flew too close to the nest on Ozzie’s watch and he vocalized a warning to the intruder. Ozzie and Harriet’s main concerns are protecting their nest territory, caring for their eggs and the survival of their young. 

Screen capture by urdognu “Watchful Eyes”
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Video by dragonlainey

Video by urdognu

Summary by dadsjazz

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