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All In a Day’s Work..Daily Nest Summary for Nov 27

All In a Day’s Work
Harriet braved the wind and the rains in the overnight hours.

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Harriet spent nearly 15 hours diligently incubating her precious eggs. Harriet looked quite soggy in the early morning as she called for Ozzie’s relief of her nest duty. Ozzie promptly answered his mate’s calls and arrived from the Camera 2 tree. Ozzie and Harriet vocalized and seemed to be communicating what their schedule may be for the day. Harriet spent time soaring around the nest area. Ozzie spent time doing Ozzie things. He brought a stick back to the nest and later a snack for Harriet. Each seems to know the other is approaching the nest and they vocalize their greetings.

A large bird flew a little too close to the nest in the late morning pushing Harriet’s alert button. She let the intruder know in no uncertain terms that she was ready to defend her territory. After another break in the late afternoon Harriet returned to the nest for her overnight incubating duties. Ozzie retired to a nearby tree to keep watch.

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen Capture by urdognu
Ozzie and his stick delivery
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Video by urdognu

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