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Giving Thanks- Nest Activity for Nov. 28

As some of us took a day off to spend time with family and friends, we are thankful that Ozzie and Harriet were fulfilling their commitment to their future offspring. Harriet was on incubating duty over the chilly night time and early morning hours. Harriet’s body is larger than Ozzie’s and covers the whole nest bowl. Maybe it was a good idea to have a larger “furnace” keeping those precious eggs warm. Ozzie and Harriet, being the wonderful parents they are, took their turns at egg sitting throughout the day. There were beautiful fly-ins and fly-outs from the nest. The Camera 2 tree looked to be their launching point. One camera view showed Ozzie flying from the nest tree and Harriet flying to the nest tree simultaneously. 

As the sun was setting Harriet returned to the nest for her night of keeping their precious eggs warm and safe. Giving Thanks to all involved in this project, the Pritchett family and most of all our wonderful Eagle Family, Ozzie and Harriet.

One in and One out Flight Path
Click on image to downloadScreen Capture from video by dragonlainey

Video by dragonlainey

Summary by dadsjazz

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