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Breakfast in Bed (Eagle Edition)- Nest Activity for Nov. 29

Harriet’s overnight incubating duty lasted a little longer today. Ozzie delivered a nice headless fish breakfast to Harriet at 7:00 am…..

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Friday, November 29, 2013

She loudly called out as he approached with the food offering. Ozzie took over incubating their precious eggs as Harriet eagerly ate her fish. She saved the tail, her favorite part, for a later snack. Ozzie brought soft nest material and then a stick to the nest which he proceeded to put in place almost bowling over Harriet as she lay incubating the eggs. She was not amused by his accidental step on her head and she took off from the nest.

He stands by to support his lovely Harriet. He egg sits when it is her time to soar. He delivers tasty meals to her nest side. He continues to build their beautiful nest. Harriet must surely appreciate all his efforts even though she may not always give her approval. Ozzie is a great provider to Harriet and their developing eggs. Their loyalty to each other and their family is evident. 

Summary by dadsjazz

Screen Capture from video by dragonlainey
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Video by dragonlainey

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