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Dec 4- Nest Activity

Fun Day at the O H Corral
SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eagles and horses and juvies,oh my! It was another early beginning to the day with Harriet calling Ozzie for his morning incubating shift. A ground observer saw Harriet perched in one of the dead trees nearby from which she later took flight. Ozzie and Harriet’s nest tree is surrounded by a fenced in horse pasture. There are many trees where they perch to watch the day’s events in between incubating their precious eggs. They have their own microcosm that includes many other birds, horses and a variety of wildlife. 

Afternoon came with beautiful fly-ins and fly-offs the nest as Ozzie and Harriet continue their nest duties. The camera views were of an egret flying by the nest followed later by what looked to be a juvenile eagle. Harriet called out her warning when she saw the “juvie” fly by but was not in full alert mode. The days are counting down to the hatching of their baby eaglets. There is much anticipation and appreciation to be a part of Ozzie and Harriet’s world.
Summary by dadsjazz

Screen Capture by dragonlainey
Harriet in flight
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Video by dragonlianey

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Summary by DadsJazz

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