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Where were you? Nest Activity for Dec 5

Harriet began calling to Ozzie before sunrise. Where art thou, Ozzie? Harriet seemed to become impatient as the morning went on. Ozzie arrived on the nest at 7:23 am, much later than he had in the past. Harriet let Ozzie know a few things before she departed the nest tree and continued to vocalize from her perch in the camera 2 tree. Ozzie resumed the incubating duties of their precious eggs, spending the morning rolling the eggs and fluffing up the nest bowl.

SWFEC DAILY SUMMARY Thursday, December 05, 2013

Day and Night, Night and Day

Ozzie was still on duty at noon and was tracking another juvenile eagle soaring in the sky above the nest. Ozzie went into protect mode flying from the nest tree to the camera 2 tree and then to the pond. He was very alert and on guard for a few hours. He did not leave the eggs for long. Harriet returned to the nest after a long break. She began her incubating duties and was also on guard looking to the sky. Ozzie returned with a late fish lunch for Harriet. She voiced her approval and ate the fish quickly. There were a few more quick exchanges on nest duty. As the sun set Ozzie seemed very content incubating their precious eggs. Where art thou, Harriet? She returned to the nest at 11:16 pm, much later than she had in the past.
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Ozzie on alert
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