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Activity at the Nest- Dec 7- Intruders Beware

Harriet called out early and Ozzie took over the incubating of their precious eggs. The halfway point to hatchlings has been reached. Ozzie and Harriet have been extremely alert lately. There have been juvenile eagles spotted flying over the nest and in the area over the last few days. Ozzie and Harriet do not take kindly to intruders. Some speculate the juveniles could be offspring of Ozzie and Harriet. There is no way to know for certain but they would not be welcome in the area even if they were offspring. Harriet was in flight driving off one such intruder in the afternoon. 

Ozzie served Harriet a fish for dinner which was much appreciated. Harriet flew off and around the nest tree. Maybe she was reminding any intruder that this is her territory. Ozzie had not returned in the late afternoon to give Harriet a break, not to worry Harriet is in charge. Ozzie and Harriet are dedicated guardians and parents.
Summary by dadsjazz

Beautiful Harriet/Screen captures by urdognu
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Handsome Ozzie!
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Video by urdognu

Video by dragonlainey

Summary by DadsJazz

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