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Sunday is the Day of Rest- Nest Activity for Dec 8

The fog of the early morning was taken away by the beautiful sunrise at Ozzie and Harriet’s nest. Ozzie took over his incubating duties at 6:37 am. The day continued with both Ozzie and Harriet flying to and from the cam 2 tree for egg sitting. The heat of the day allowed for brief periods of time off the eggs. Harriet spent time up and down from the eggs, preening and watching the happenings in the area. Ozzie flew to the cam 2 tree for one of his mini breaks.

The day was not as hectic as the last few had been. There were no intruders today. It was a nice relaxing, lazy afternoon at Ozzie and Harriet’s as all wait in anticipation of the coming hatching times for their precious eggs.

Harriet rousing her feathers/UrdognU
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Harriet with the sunlight on her tail/UrdognU
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Video by dragonainey

Video by urdognu

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