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Conversations & Flights- Nest Activity for Dec 10

Harriet had a long overnight stay on the nest from the previous afternoon. She called out to Ozzie and took flight to the Camera 2 tree. Ozzie simultaneously flew to the nest to begin his incubating duty. Another such exchange occurred a short while later with Harriet back on the nest. In the afternoon Harriet called out and took a flight around the pasture, maybe to ward off an intruder. Harriet then flew back to the upper branch of the nest tree. Ozzie arrived on the branch a short time later and Harriet began vocalizing about her morning. Harriet flew off toward the river and Ozzie took over incubation.

Harriet perched in a tree by the pond in the late afternoon and then flew to the nest tree porch area. Ozzie flew to the upper branch in the nest tree and their conversing began again. Harriet was very happy with a fish dinner delivered nest side by Ozzie and she let him know about it. She flew off to the pond tree again after dinner and then back to the Camera 2 tree. Ozzie was still on nest duty incubating their precious eggs at midnight.

Screen Captures by urdognu
Harriet ready for flight.
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Ozzie delivers dinner.
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Video by dragonlainey

Video by urdognu

Summary by dadsjazz

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