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“Yes Dear”- Nest Activity for Dec 13

Ozzie is always ready and available to Harriet to defend, feed, take over egg incubating and help with parenting duties of their soon to be hatched baby chicks. Harriet called out in the very early hours of the morning and Ozzie was at her side. Ozzie and Harriet are a magnificent pair who are dedicated to each other and their offspring. Ozzie called out to warn off a few passing birds on his morning watch.

Harriet arrived on the nest at 2:46 pm and spent the afternoon “housekeeping” by fluffing up the nest bowl around the eggs. Grass and feathers were flying as she aerated and rearranged the soft nest material for her precious eggs. Excitement is building for Ozzie and Harriet and the hatching of their babies.

Ozzie defends in the night, (dragonliney)
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Video by dragonlainey 

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Summary by dadsjazz

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