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Harriet and Friends- Nest Activity for Dec 14

In approximately 7 days some changes may be occurring to begin the hatching of Ozzie and Harriet’s baby chicks. Harriet has been spending the majority of her time on the nest these past days. Ozzie brought lunch to Harriet and she vocalized her delight as she spotted him flying to the nest. Ozzie took over egg sitting while Harriet ate her lunch. She then flew off to the pond for her bath.

Ozzie and Harriet’s nest area is host to a group of very spry and vocal starling birds. Some of them use the bottom of the nest for their home and have a good relationship with Ozzie and Harriet. This season it seems that there are many more starlings perched in the nest tree, looking almost like tree ornaments. They sing to Harriet and keep her entertained. Today a large flock flew right over her head not bothering her in the least. Ozzie and Harriet are very focused on their developing eggs.

Harriet and starling friend (Greg Hill)
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Starlings fly over Harriet (dragonlainey)
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Video by dragonlainey

Summary by dadsjazz

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