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H and O Christmas Tree- Nest Activity for Dec 16

In the very early morning hours Harriet was awake preening and aerating the nest bowl. She began to call for Ozzie and then flew above the nest as Ozzie arrived to take over his nest duties. Harriet stayed close to the nest area and could be heard vocalizing from a distance. When Harriet returned from one of her breaks she brought a large fresh pine bough. One theory is that fresh pine is for deodorizing the nest and repelling bugs. Others would say that Harriet likes to decorate the nest and it is her Christmas tree.

Harriet began vocalizing as she watched Ozzie arriving with her dinner. This time the fish was half eaten. Maybe Ozzie learned that he must eat his share before bringing it to Harriet. Hungry Harriet devoured her dinner and returned to her precious eggs. Ozzie is amazingly dedicated in his care of Harriet and their coming offspring.

O and H Christmas Tree (dragonlainey)
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Dinner is served. (dragonlainey)
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