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Protect and Defend – Nest Activity for Dec 17

Harriet vocalized loudly as she had Ozzie in her sight bringing breakfast. Harriet voiced her appreciation, ate quickly and flew off to the camera 2 tree. Ozzie took over incubating duties and spent the morning watching the horse play activities in the pasture. A short while later Ozzie set his sights to the sky watching a possible intruder. He took a sweeping flight around the nest tree, back to an upper branch and around again. Harriet arrived quickly on the nest to protect her precious eggs. 

Later that afternoon Ozzie was followed back to the nest area by another intruder. Ozzie swiftly defended his territory and family by driving the intruder away. Harriet was extremely happy when Ozzie delivered another meal. Harriet devoured her fish gift from Ozzie and proceeded to the pond for her bath. Ozzie remained on nest duty until 10:17 pm when Harriet returned to take over protecting her precious eggs.

Harriet on the nest, Ozzie perched in the tree, Intruder flying by. (urdognu)
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Video by dragonlainey

Video by urdognu

Summary by dadsjazz

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